CFD supports ODU Faculty with training & mentoring in teaching & pedagogy, research & scholarship, and professional development.

I am pleased to welcome you to Old Dominion University's Center for Faculty Development. As a university dedicated to innovation in research, teaching, and scholarly activities, the Center furthers Old Dominion University's commitment to educational excellence. Faculty at all ranks will find resources at the Center to enhance their career planning and advancement. The Center provides opportunities for faculty to develop effective teaching and learning strategies, participate in workshops aimed at promoting collegial conversations, and engage in forums to highlight faculty accomplishments.

- Augustine O. Agho, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Provost's Spotlight

The spring 2024 Provost’s Spotlight honored Victoria Time, LL.B., Ph.D., M.S. Dr. Time is an international scholar born in Cameroon and educated in both Africa and the United States. She came to Old Dominion University in 1997 where she has been recognized as an outstanding faculty member and professor of sociology and criminal justice. Dr. Time is a distinguished teacher who holds the title University Professor in recognition of excellence in teaching. In 2022-2023 she became a Fulbright Scholar and conducted research and taught at the University of Nairobi. Dr. Time has published three books, thirty-seven articles and book chapters, and she has presented her research on all continents except Antarctica. Dr. Time exemplifies what it means to be a scholar-teacher.

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Teaching with AI

Exploring the Potential of AI in Teaching, Learning, and Research: Frequently Asked Questions

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Excellent mentoring empowers faculty to be the best they can be. Learn more about what ODU has to offer.

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Research Integrity

ODU is serious about the ethics of research. The link below takes you to vital information about research integrity and scientific misconduct and ODU’s policies about these matters.

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Tackling DFWI Rates

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